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We have been in the wedding industry for over 20 years capturing the Dream Weddings of our beautiful couples. Let our work speak the story to you and if you have a story, we will recreate it beautifully through our lens!

What Our Couples Have To Say

Seriously the best decision we made for our wedding was choosing Dream Catcher Cinema. - Sapna & Jay



Our cinematography will take you into another world. You will experience fantasy, unimaginable and cinematic look in all our videos. Our team goes above and beyond in every wedding events to give our clients a perfect memory.

– Navi & Jujhar Dosanjh

When I was choosing a vendor for Our wedding I knew right away that Dreamcatchers were the one. I looked into multiple vendors all over California but my heart kept going back to Dreamcatchers and I’m so glad that we chose them! I watched a few of their previous weddings and I loved how they captured the couples being their natural self. The way they challenge the couple and add so many personal touches to the pictures and videos really sets them apart in the wedding industry. From the E-shoot in San Francisco to our music video to our next day edit, every single product had sooo much thought put into it. The amount of time the team puts into editing and making sure the couples expectations are met is amazing. When we went to meet TJ and Sonia for the first time we were very impressed with the way they presented their company and loved how passionate they were in making sure our special day was captured perfectly. They answered all our questions, made sure our ideas were included and added personal touches to everything. They didn’t treat us just like another wedding client and by the end of the wedding week we were sad to say bye to our amazing team. They are the only vendor that still checks on us and our families three months after our wedding making sure we are doing okay and catching up. I could go on and on about how amazing this team is!! - After the wedding, we were expecting to wait 4-6 months given that we had a 7 day wedding. Our pictures were Delivered within a month and our videos within 3 months. I can’t thank you enough for capturing our wedding week and making it so magical. These memories will last a lifetime.

– Mr & Mrs Bainz

We cannot thank DreamCatcher Cinema enough for the work they projected in each and every event leading to the wedding of #Mr.Mrs.Bainz !!! From the beginning we felt so comfortable with Sonia and Tj at our consultation. They understood exactly what we had envisioned for our pre-wedding photoshoot, concept video, and all the events in our wedding week. They understood what we meant when we said we wanted something DIFFERENT. When planning a wedding you meet a lot of vendors and after the wedding you thank them and go on, but Sonia and Tj, along with their team, feel like family now. Not just us as the couple, but our entire family on both sides felt so comfortable with the entire team throughout the wedding. We got so many compliments on our concept video and next day edit! We can't wait to see their work in the coming months with other close family weddings!

– Sean & Jasneet Chandi

Sonia and TJ became apart of our families by the end of our wedding! Sonia did a fantastic job editing our concept video and same day edits perfectly, She made sure to include all of our loved ones. This duo went out of their way for us! When no one was around to help me (the bride) get ready in the morning, Sonia gladly stepped up without being asked to do so. Tj and Sonia both made sure my husband and I had no stress during our big day and tried to help as much as they could with everything. These small moments are ones we Cherish. We highly recommend going with dream Catcher Cinema for your big day!



Our services include high definition cinematography for all wedding related events.


Passion, Patience, Perseverance

We always allow our passion to find the creativity in each moment that we capture through the lens. - Dream Catcher Cinema


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