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Strange Destiny | Aman & Hinda | Concept Video | Ishqa Tera | Farda

Nothing happens without a reason, we don’t meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path somehow, somewhere at some point in life. What you think?
This is partially a true story of how Amani & Hinda met actually almost very true. You could call it destiny or coincidence but it was surely god’s will to unite these two lovebirds together unknowingly & unexpectedly.
Amani is a well established Makeup Artist running multiple branches of Eyebrow Threading/RoyalBlushStudio with her sister. Amani doing what she does is what lead her finding her Mr Prince Charming, Hinda. Amani met Hinda the very first time when she went to Hinda’s house to get his sister Aman (her name happens to be Aman also) ready for her Big Day. Now, that’s very strange! We as company (Dream Catcher Cinema) was covering that wedding and got to witness it all, so it was easier for us to re-create some of the story from few years back. Amani & Hinda wanted to keep this very authentic & realistic but we added some fun & entertaining segments (being Dream Catcher Cinema). The second segment idea was inspired by multiple Punjabi Music Videos, Tohar by Nimrat Khaira & Background by Ammy Virk.

It takes quite a bit time to generate a solid & powerful story to compliment the couple and to entertain their audience. It’s not as simple as it seems, that we took the ideas from these songs and shot it. Only our couples know & we know what it takes to bring this kind of output from the most simplest people who are not professional actors/artists to act out the full story easily in front of the camera.
By Dream Catcher Cinema: Concept story, direction, story location, cinematography, lighting, dialogues, setups, and everything else as you could see along with their acting, takes a full team effort. We heartily appreciate every individual’s effort who were part of creating this love story of Amani & Hinda.

Starring: Aman & Hinda
Hair & Makeup: RoyalBlushStudios (Amani, Anna, Mandeep & Nabbu)
Bride in the story: Mandeep
Location: Eyebrow Threading Salon/RoyalBlushStudios in Sacramento
Decor: Sukhi with RiverRent Crew (it was breathtaking, she did such an amazing work within few hours)
Coffee Shop: It’s Grind Coffee House in Sacramento
Two of our previous couples: Nabbu, Simran, Aman, Lucky
Amani & Hinda’s Friends: Anna, few other helpers/friends
Gazeebo Setup: Sacramento Community Park

Ishqaa Tera | Akhil
Farda | Tarsem Jassar

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