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Kalli Kitte Mil | Aman & Harbeer | Song Concept

Aman & Harbeer had this very special song “Kalli Kitte Mil” by Kulwinder Dhillon very close & personal to them for many reasons. When they met us and they wanted to do something different with this song instead of very candid & simple pre-shoot. They wanted to use this song to create something different with their such a fun & unique personalities.

Well, you know us, we got too carried away and went little beyond their creation to bring this unique gem that we played it at their Wedding Reception this past weekend. It was so much fun creating this song concept especially the last few segments. This literally left their families & friends speechless because this was completely unexpected of Harbeer especially.

What are your thoughts?

Kalli Kitte Mil | Kulwinder Dhillon

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