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Catch Me If You Can | Aman & Parmy | Concept Video

This concept story is very special to us for many reasons and to all those who played their role in this catching game.
Aman & Parmy wanted to film something that would show their love story by incorporating their college/school days and their actual professions.
From not having anything to film to have this gem made is incredible on our part along with the full team that supported us with everything that was needed.
The call time at 6:30am and must say the entire crew showed up exactly on time with few late comers (haha)
This was surely a challenge to film all in a one day with multiple location changes and character changes. We don’t do music videos but this has surely exceeded the music video level in our eye. Without further story-telling in here, we will let you watch the film but don’t forget to read our DISCLAIMER.

While the film is clearly just for an entertainment purpose of the the specific characters & relevant to their fictional and somewhat non-fictional story, remember one thing, even God has a sense of humor (I remember hearing this specific line during a stage concert I had gone to few years back as their opening line).
Before you become the Hollywood Film Critic, also remember we are not Hollywood Directors, Writers or Cinematographers. We are just normal human beings who are passionate about creating a unique stories for our couples who will cherish these for lifetime.
Hoping this short film, makes you giggle, fall in love, remind you about your crush, high school days and maybe gives you an idea how to win or find your long lost love.

Please DO NOT PASS any UNDUE Judgements as again this is just a pure entertainment for us and the characters involved. Respect their Privacy & Profession.

Thank you for taking out the time to actual read this and now Enjoy the Show!!

If you didn’t read any of it, well you are not missing much just watch the film anyways.

Aman as the kid who falls in love at first sight with his one & only crush
Parmy as the well famous girl in her school as Aman’s crush
Other Stars:
Sonia S. as the Teacher
Jagjit as the Rule Breaker/Speeding Guy
Rampel as the Nurse Assistant
Sunny #1 as the Suspect with One Eye
Sunny #2 as Pablo who initially wanted to run for school President (but still supporting Parmy)
Navi, Mandy Amani, Merica, Rampel, Sunny #1, Sunny #2, Honey, Manny, Parvinder and one more character (unknown)
All Props: By All The Characters To Complete Their Given Role

Story Written, Directed, Filmed & Edited
By Dream Catcher Cinema

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